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Special Interests

Our special interests include supporting children with Autism/ Aspergers and their carers as well as clients who have experienced trauma including sexual assault and domestic violence.

With 25+ years experience working in various settings (hospitals, schools, foster homes, charities, DV emergency accommodation, NGOs, government, community as well as private practice), the level of skills and knowledge acquired has been applied to create a practice based on belief in the community spirit to support one another with an open heart.

One of our niche areas is our special interest in supporting carers of children with special needs, in particular, Autism and Aspergers.

We understand the difficulties associated with caring for children with high emotional needs. It can be absolutely exhausting trying to keep up with other people's needs that often the carers miss out on caring for themselves. That is where we come in. We take pleasure in supporting carers to care for themselves. Afterall, we believe that it takes a village to raise a child.

We pride ourselves on providing a warm, caring and supportive environment that is nurturing, open and gentle.

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